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Open Letter To The Collective

Dear Collective,


With a heavy heart, we need to address the rumors and explain an unfortunate situation regarding Cielos. Due to unforeseen circumstances arising from a breach of contract by the Crazy Diamond landowner, we are compelled to cease our operation.

We want to extend our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment this may have caused. At the core of Cielos’ mission is to bring people together. Having created over 77 successful, unique community-oriented and nurturing events over the years, we sought to create a space that elevated human connection.

We know you have been impacted. Our purpose in creating this was bringing people together for a spiritual experience and the actions of this landlord has halted our mission. Despite our best intentions, we understand and share your disappointment. We are deeply sorry.


The landowner exploited our good faith, but in hindsight we see that we pinned our hopes on an unscrupulous landlord, and we own that.

We worked exhaustively to make alternate arrangements to offset the emotional and financial hardship endured by the individuals, families, communities, groups and weddings affected. We are cooperating with all requests for reimbursement to the best of our financial ability. We continue to look for solutions.

Despite these challenges, we remain committed to fostering magical spaces for groups to connect and deepen their relationships. Our mission continues, and we are committed to resolving the unfortunate circumstances that brought us here. If you have any questions, please DM me.


Cheni Yerushalmi


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