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Accommodations & Amenities


New Tents Coming in 2024!

Crazy Diamond is nestled away on a 30-acre private campground we strive for the perfect balance between harmony with nature and a safe space for relaxation and reflection. The campsite is equipped with multiple showers and bathrooms that have hot and cold running water, organic bath products, and are cleaned multiple times throughout your group's stay.



Saloon & Bar

Western meets Bohemian at our chic saloon and lounge. Sit around the campfire, eat smores, and be transported into a simpler time.

Communal Tipi

Our heated teepee is nearly 2,000 sqft, decorated with comfy pillows, dim lighting and an indoor fireplace. This grounded space is perfect for you and your group to gather and reconnect.

Sound Systems

Designed by D3 Audio, our state-of-the-art system features one stationary multi-point system and three floating systems with a plug and play dj-booth. Enjoy live music and DJs during your stay.


Our showers are designed to provide just enough privacy while still keeping true to the vision of the campsite. Trust us, they are so comfortable you will have a hard time getting out.

Food & Drink

We have a dedicated dining area surrounding a large bonfire. Your stay includes catered meals and snacks fit to your personal tastes and dietary requirements.


All our bathrooms have flushing toilets and are cleaned multiple times a day.


The Stage

New for Summer 2021, this artistic structure will have multiple uses from outdoor concerts to meditation and yoga.

Make-out Point

Watch the sunset while overlooking the entire campsite at this special spot. It's the perfect location to share a beautiful moment.

The Oasis

Come enjoy our new pool, sundeck, and sandy beach - a perfect desert oasis!

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