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The Cielos Experience

We create socially conscious escapes; with immersive outdoor spaces and experiences designed to bring people and groups around the world closer together to drive deeper – and more human – connections.


Here are the 7 key elements that you'll encounter when diving into the Cielos Experience.


We create unique spaces, places, and experiences for communities to emerge, or Re:Group.

2021-10-30_Cielos Primal Provocateur Day 2-1DX_1419.jpg

Music & Dance

Music and dance are integral elements of the human experience; providing new ways to communicate and express oneself, and intrinsically woven into each Cielos experience.


Re:Connect - with your body, your mind, your spirit, your community, and your world through bespoke events focused on wellness and self-improvement.



Eat together by the fire while you enjoy delicious meals freshly cooked for you by our talented chefs.

Art & Culture

Expect a mix of on-site art installations, pop-up entertainment, and unique event theming and activities planned throughout the year.

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Our experiences are co-created, and we encourage you to let go, Re:Vel, and express your most authentic self - through clothing, art, music, food, dance, spoken word, or even philosophy. It’s up to you…


Every Cielos event includes a variety of thought-provoking and informative elements by regularly rotating speakers, participative experiences, and classes that help you grow and expand; individually, and as a group.


Come Join Us.

See all our upcoming event, choose your accommodation and join us in an unforgettable moment.

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