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Cielos Participant Code of Conduct

Thank you for participating in this event! As a condition of entering the event site, which is managed by Evolver Group, LLC dba Cielos (“Cielos”), you agree to conduct yourself in accordance with this Participant Code of Conduct.


At Cielos, we create socially conscious escapes with inspiring outdoor spaces and experiences designed to bring people and groups closer together to drive deeper – and more human – connections. It is our intention to create experiences that are inclusive, diverse, safe, and consensual. Respectful and community-minded conduct is expected at all times of everyone at Cielos events, including participants, staff, and service providers. At a minimum, this means:


  • Playing nice with others. External issues between participants should be left at the entry gate. Cielos will not bar or evict another participant from an event simply because you don’t want them there, but behavior that violates this Code of Conduct will not be tolerated. 

  • Taking care of yourself. All participants must read and abide by the Cielos Survival Guide. Weather can be extreme: heatstroke, dehydration, and very cold weather are all possible. Be prepared, do your research, and bring plenty of water and snacks. Sobriety is welcome.

  • Respecting fellow participants, event staff and service providers, Cielos property, the local flora and fauna, and our neighbors by:

    • Leaving no trace and cleaning up after yourself and others.

    • Keeping a respectful distance from non-human animals. Rattlesnakes, tarantulas, black widow spiders, and other animals live here.

    • Adhering to quiet hours as required by local sound ordinances.


Cielos has zero tolerance for any conduct that is non-consensual, abusive, or harmful to others, including without limitation: 


  • Sexual misconduct or assault,

  • Harassment or violence, whether physical or verbal, 

  • Theft or vandalism,  

  • Excessive and/or uncontrolled intoxication,

  • Coercing another person to consume intoxicating substances, or providing any intoxicating substance to another person without their explicit consent.


Anyone who engages in any such conduct is subject to immediate eviction from the event in the sole discretion of Cielos and/or the event manager.


If you witness or are subjected to behavior that violates this Code of Conduct from anyone at a Cielos event, please help us foster a safe and welcoming community by:


  • Making sure any person targeted by the incident is safe. 

  • Talking to the offender, if possible, using non-violent communication. For example: “When X happened, I felt Y, because Z. This behavior is not acceptable. I am asking you to stop.”

  • Seeking support from appropriate resources, such as nearby witnesses, medical personnel, or security staff.

  • Reporting the incident to the event manager as soon as possible: who, what, where, when.


By attending an event at CIELOS you agree to comply with this Code of Conduct.


Thank you, and welcome!

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