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Care Guide

About Crazy Diamond

Crazy Diamond is 30-acres of private, off-grid space:


  • We are across the road from 2370 Highway 33, Ventucopa CA 93252

  • Exact pinpoint location here

  • Look for the sign on the right-side of the road with our 'sunburst' logo (at the top of this website)

  • Follow the arrows up the dirt road to the parking area


What we have


  • Stunning nighttime skies, sunsets, and sunrises

  • Designated art and performance spaces

  • Private tents nestled in the hills

  • National forest hikes

  • Farm-to-table food - Brunch, Snacks, and Dinner provided

  • Bonfires

  • Filtered water refill stations

  • Hot showers and flushing toilets

  • Hand washing and sterilization stations

  • Pool Oasis

  • Yoga Deck

  • Double Tipi for dancing and workshops


What we don’t have


  • Internet/Cell

    • Wifi is not available

    • Cell connections are spotty, and best at the car-park so plan accordingly

    • We do have signal boosters; outcomes vary by cell provider


  • Unlimited electricity

    • We are off the grid, so power is limited - battery packs are a good idea

    • Electric car charging is not available 

    • The closest supercharger is Ojai and another one in Tejon Ranch, however the Buckhorn hotel has two tesla "destination chargers" that can charge 23 miles/hr while eating lunch 12 miles away from us


Experience Readiness


Located at 2700 ft elevation, Crazy Diamond is considered a high-desert climate (Hot and dry (in summer), and very cold at night with temperatures dropping below freezing in winter). We share the environment with all of Mother Nature’s guests; including adorable bunnies, cackling coyotes, and the occasional rattlesnake. Respect nature and come prepared.


What to bring


  • Clothing 

    • Wool socks, scarves, thermal underwear to sleep in winter

    • Warm layers and coats

    • Your favorite festival wear, jackets and light-up apparel

    • Comfortable shoes for walking

    • Swimwear for the pool


  • Personal Items

    • Towels 

    • Bring your own mug for tea/coffee: we have no disposable cups on site

    • Water bottle

    • Bug spray + suncream

    • You can bring snacks, but please leave them in your car: bugs


What NOT to bring:


  • No weapons of any kind

  • No dogs or pets of any kind 

  • Do not drive more than 10 MPH on the property 

  • Do not leave your car by the tens. All cars are to be parked in the parking lot

  • No open-toed shoes - this is for your safety

  • No smoking in/around tents or common areas, use designated smoking areas only and put your cigarettes in ash trays

  • No food in tents or you will be living with a large family of insects

  • No adding wood to any of the fires unless asked to by a Cielos staff member 

  • Do not drink the tap water - we have filtered water for you at the saloon, in copper jugs, or from the spigots with the blue taps

  • Do not venture off onto other properties or start a renegade party as respect to our neighbors is important to us

  • Do not hook up any electric cars to any of the solar panels 

  • Do not bring glass into or near the pool or pool area

  • Do not smoke on the beanbags

  • The kitchen and cafe is strictly out of bounds

  • Behind the Saloon bar is for Staff and DJ's only 

  • Stay on the roads and trails to protect our wildlife and land

  • Do not bring single use plastic water bottles or cups 

  • Only use eco-friendly bath products

  • No red wine in the Tipi 

  • Shoes off in the Tipi 

  • Do not remove furniture, pillows, or blankets from their designated areas

Community Ethos


Crazy Diamond is your community; as such, we ask that everyone consider the following principles and prerequisites before attending an event:


Leave it better


  • Our home is your home; treat our campsite as your own backyard

  • This means ‘MOOPing’ (removing any Matter Out of Place) and being mindful of the impact


Respect for one another


  • Everyone deserves kindness, support, and mutual respect. Treat others as you wish to be treated

  • We practice consent across the board. Be sure to check-in and receive positive consent at all times. Be humble and prepared to alter your behavior if you receive anything other than a resounding ‘yes’

  • If you notice something awry, let us know, we are here to create a safe environment





Upon arrival

  • Text the WhatsApp/Signal group/group organizer when you know your arrival time

  • Don't drive more than 10 MP once you enter the property as not doing so will kill the baby olive trees

  • Meet us at the saloon or the car-park (your group organizer will let you know)

  • RVs and trailers will park right outside of the parking lot, perpendicular to the road and walk to meet us in the saloon for check-in

  • You will then be directed to your tent to drop off your bags, and re-park all cars in the parking lot for the weekend- no driving on site

  • If you come after check in ends, in all circumstances, park your car in the parking lot and walk over to the saloon for directions to your tent.


Social media policy


  • We respect individual privacy and want to create a safe space for everyone to express themselves fully. Please attain conscious consent before posting anything.


Be prepared, get excited, 

and create something beautiful together...

The Cielos Team
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