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So you have some questions?

Check out the section below for answers to commonly asked questions, as well as some items we have for sale that can help make your trip that much more enjoyable…

Things to know before you go

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions…


Can I park my car near my tent? 

We believe in creating an immersive experience to completely disconnect from everyday life. You will be able to drop off your belongings at your tent and then park in our parking lot for the duration of the event.


When should I arrive?

Please see your event ticket for check in time, and reach out to the whatsapp group or your group host if you are going to be late so we can anticipate your arrival.​


What should I pack? 

This is VERY IMPORTANT to learn more check out our Survival Guide In short, don't forget a cup, a towel, a water bottle, and warm layers and coats in winter.

Food & Beverages

What are my food options?

We provide catered meals and snacks daily. You can learn more about this in the Food Section.


Where can I get ice?

Just 1.9 miles away at the Santa Barbara Pistachio Company. Open 8 am - 6 pm daily. 


Where is the closest gas station?

Just 1.9 miles away at the Santa Barbara Pistachio Company. Open 8 am - 6 pm daily.


Can I bring food into the tent?

All food must remain in vehicles to keep our wildlife safe and to prevent bugs.


Can I bring my dog/horse/other pet? ​

Dogs and other pets are not allowed on property, including being kept 'out of sight' in tents, campers, and/or vehicles. Participants/guests who arrive with a dog or other pet will be asked to leave immediately. No refunds will be given. Service animals, as defined by ADA Guidelines, are an exception to this policy. 

Please note: emotional support animals, comfort animals, and therapy animals are NOT considered service animals per ADA and therefore are NOT allowed.

What is the weather like? 

The high desert temperature range is vast. The days can be very warm and the winter nights can drop below freezing so check the weather before your stay and plan accordingly.

Does my tent have a heater? 

Yes, we provide a buddy heater to each tent. You are welcome to bring your own Coleman 1lb propane tank to use as we do not provide them. 


Can I make a fire?

We have two, dedicated areas for fires and our staff manages these for you. Each day we will have a fire made for you; and, we also host nightly dinners around the large bonfire. To protect the land, we ask that you do not light any fires whatsoever.


Can I smoke on the campsite? 

Outdoors only, but please be mindful of other guests and dispose of your butts properly. Absolutely no smoking is allowed in the tents, tipi, saloon, oasis, and speakeasy. 


Is there wildlife that can hurt me? 

While we are not in bear country, there are smaller critters such as snakes, spiders, and even some plants which can hurt you.  We encourage wearing enclosed shoes at all times and being aware of your surroundings when you are exploring.  For the most part, they are more afraid of you than you are of them and will steer well clear.


Is there a curfew? 

We have quiet hours between 10PM - 7AM.


Are there locks in my tent?

No. We recommend keeping valuables in your car.


Is there wifi at the campsite? 

Yes. We have a Starlink mesh across the communal areas of the camp.


Is there cell service? 

Cell phone reception is limited in some areas of the camp, however, it is possible to make a call on most networks.

Can I charge my electric car?  

No. We pride ourselves on being off-grid, and as such have very limited electricity. We run on solar power alone and unfortunately we can not charge electric cars. You are welcome to charge phones and small devices in our designated area.

Does my tent have power? 

No. We have a battery or solar-powered lanterns for lighting the tents. It is a good idea to bring a battery pack if you need to charge your phone.

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