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  • Adam Gerstein

Glamping Weddings in Style.

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Looking for a unique glamping site for your wedding in California?

Cielos is a premier glamping venue located in the foothills of Los Padres National Forest, near Ojai, California. They are willing to host weddings at their beautiful location and offer a number of unique packages.

Planning your dream, glamping-themed wedding at Cielos:

What is a glamping wedding?


Glamping is a term that has been thrown around a lot lately. It is a combination of glamour and camping, which involves camping in a glamorous setting. Glamping is a great way to combine the

beauty of a wedding with the fun of camping.

At Cielos, guests stay in tents on the property and enjoy its many amenities and beautiful surroundings. Never ‘glamped’ before, or wondering “why would I want to host a glamping-themed wedding?” Glamping can be affordable and perfect for weekend weddings.

A glamping wedding is popular because it offers guests the chance to experience the outdoors while staying in comfortable

and luxurious surroundings. Cielos is a one-of-a-kind glamping wedding venue, with its own unique features and amenities.

How much should you spend on a venue for a wedding?


The average cost of a venue, alone, for a wedding is around $15,000 dollars. This is based on the average cost of a venue in the United States. The cost of a venue can be based on the size, location,

and amenities it provides. And while a wedding should not be based solely on price; other factors such as aesthetics and service should also be considered when choosing a venue.

California glamping sites are a great place to host a wedding as they offer multiple options of lodging on site, and in nature. Cielos offers high-quality, safari-style, fully furnished tents, a large, communal tipi, several common areas with full amenities, they even have a pool and sand beach!

A wedding is one of the most important moments in a person's life. Cielos offers many flexible options for to couples who want to have their wedding on-site, and a dedicated team who will work with you to ensure that everything is planned to your specifications.

You can learn more about Cielos glamping weddings by contacting the team via this form.


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