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Interview with Doug Cartwright

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

In an effort to celebrate and express gratitude for the people in our collective, we have a new shout-out for you.

Our community shoutout is another way for us to share with the greater community the type of people that come to CIELOS and the impact CIELOS is having on the world. We believe it is important to be seen, feel seen and be heard. This is how it all started.

This month we are proud to shout out Doug Cartwright!

Last year, Doug held his Alchemy summit at Crazy Diamond, and we were very impressed with his dedication to educating, empowering, and engaging with the people in his organization. His mission to build a personal development platform based in mindfulness for sales professionals is inspiring and is making a positive impact on the lives and careers of those in the sales industry.

His mission recognizes the importance of holistic growth and that success is not just about hitting sales targets, but also about personal growth and overall happiness.

We eagerly anticipate their return!


We asked Doug some questions to get a better understanding of his mission and inspiration and connection to CIELOS. Check out the interview below:

Tell us about your passion and what you are currently working on? I am inspired to build a personal development platform based in mindfulness for sales professionals. I spent the first decade of my life in an intense masculine overwhelming industry that is missing a lot of the key element that is human and spiritual development. I took a two year sabbatical and went on a spiritual journey and am bringing back a lot of these powerful practices to an industry to help support sales performance and life satisfaction.

How did you learn about CIELOS and was your experience?

I learned about CIELOS through Mycelium fest and was blown away by how intentionally created the space was. It definitely spoke to me.

What was something unexpected that you left with when you hosted your own event at CIELOS with your organization?

I came in with more of a corporate and business mentality rather than festival and left not only feeling recharge, rejuvenated and felt closer to those in the organization.

Why do you think Re:grouping (The ritual of groups coming together with an intention)is important to community growth?

I think a lot of magic happens when you bring people together in an intentional space. It allows us to detach from technology and day to day work and once you bring humans together in a space and in nature it allows us to connect on a deeper level. Distractions have been removed and you can be authentic with people and I think we are all craving an authentic capacity and the space was beautiful in that capacity.

What message or words of wisdom do you want to share with this collective?

You don’t have a business problem, you have a personal problem that is affecting your business. Once you can identify your personal story or problem and remove that, it allows you to step into the fullest and most authentic expressed version of you


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