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Interview with Izumi Hamagaki AKA "Mixtress"

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

In the effort to continue spreading gratitude for our community through our monthly newsletter, we’re bringing back our shout-outs section, a celebration of the people and organizations that make the Cielos community so powerful and unique.

Our community shoutout is another way for us to share with the greater community the type of people that come to Cielos and the impact Cielos is having on the world. We believe it is important to be seen, feel seen and be heard. This is how it all started.

This month we are proud to shout out the lovely Izumi Hamagaki AKA "Mixtress".

Izumi has graced many of our events with her specialty elixir brand, Radical Botanicals and the upcoming launch of her newest project: a line of canned cocktails 21ROCS (

We asked Izumi some questions to get a better understanding of her mission and inspiration and connection to Cielos. Check out the interview below:

What is your passion or what are you currently working on?

My Passion is creating healing and functional beverages, Elixirs, Potions etc. I also Love making cocktails and can mix up just about anything. I guess you could say it's my super power. I passionately create my line of Elixirs under my company Radical Botanicals and am proud to present these locally and at Cielos. One really exciting current project is I am launching my line of canned cocktails 21ROCS ( Launching in Orange County 7-Elevens and soon everywhere. This is my biggest move into the commercial beverage space and I am so proud and thrilled with the way they taste. I'm also very passionate about self healing and am currently healing Lung Cancer. I vow to become a QiGong Master in the next year and adapt all the powerful modalities of healing I am learning to not only heal myself but others in my family and community. My passion for education in the world of plants and plant medicines aligns with all of these passions as well and I'm actively expanding my experiences to add this to my areas of mastery as well.

What was your experience with Cielos?

The Experience is transformational. The energy of that land is so beautiful and wise. It is truly a place to Be.Come.Together. I've seen that this place, the experiences offered, opens people up to new possibilities in life. I always feel a little different and elevated by the events at Cielos. The Gold Dust Womxn event and movement is brilliant and I love contributing my gifts whenever I can.

What was something unexpected that you left with?

Community. I'd have to say real lasting connections and

friendships. I've also received lots of love and support from this community which I wasn't expecting but feel so grateful and humbled by it. Especially after my diagnosis.

Why do you think Re:grouping (The ritual of groups coming together with an intention) is important to community growth?

Re:grouping is how we rebuild our relationships after a pandemic. It lends to true in person connection instead of digital which we all rely on so much. Taking time to just be with one another, learning new things, eating great food, having great fun, great music, time to relax and connect with nature too.

What message do you want to share or bring to our attention?

Thank You! It has been an honor to create this vision along with the whole Cielos Crew and everyone who made this place possible. It's been more fun than I could've ever imagined. I'm so grateful for this place and the spiritual, social, and mental expansion I feel every time I come.

PS: Izumi and her Radical Botanicals will be at Gold Dust Womxn in April. Come for a taste, stay for the experience!

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