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Interview with Anthony Pietromonaco

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

In an effort to celebrate and express gratitude for the people in our collective, we have a new shout-out for you.

Our community shoutout is another way for us to share with the greater community the type of people that come to CIELOS and the impact CIELOS is having on the world. We believe it is important to be seen, feel seen and be heard. This is how it all started.

This month we are proud to shoutout Anthony Pietromonaco!

We asked Anthony some questions to get a better understanding of his mission, inspiration and connection to CIELOS.


What do you give most of your time to? I’m a sound facilitator, psychedelic guide, and flow state enthusiast. The founder of “Follow the Sound” - I specialize in the use of esoteric instruments and vibration to guide participants through deeply profound introspective journeys.

My background is rooted in my experience as a martial artist, with over 30 years of study in various disciplines. My practice utilizes a combination of philosophy, movement, breath-work, vocalization, and live instrumentation including gongs, antique singing bowls, drums and chimes.

These overtone emitting instruments are paired alongside natural soundscapes and modern electronic elements to lead participants through a textured sonic landscape.

Over the course of their experience, clients drop deeply inward and interact with intention, trauma, and explore consciousness itself.

Like a mental dojo, we create space for participants to fortify, celebrate, integrate, and eliminate aspects of themselves.

How did you learn about CIELOS and was your experience?

I first attended a CIELOS event called “Into the Echo” and was blown away by the community, the setting, the music, all of it. I immediately insisted on inviting all my friends to the next event so we could experience it together and have been one of the biggest advocates for it since.

What was something unexpected that you left with?

The most important thing I left with was that I fell in love while I was there. That deep lasting kind of connection with a single individual which would carry me through the years to come. Beyond that my community and I found a home within the greater CIELOS family, one in which no one asked what the others did but simply developed a deep care and excitement for being in each other’s presence. As someone who had a former life in the entertainment industry, I found this refreshing and profound.

Why do you think Re:grouping (The ritual of groups coming together with an intention) is important to community growth?

As someone who guides people through mind altering experiences, the function of intention into an event is paramount to a lasting outcome. What makes them special is the level of authenticity and vulnerability one brings with them. By creating space in which we can truly express ourselves without judgment allows us to be seen for who we truly are. To be accepted in that state is magic, and to create community from that space is incredibly important.

What personal message or words of wisdom do you want to share with this collective?

My goal is to hold space for a community of individuals committed to making the world a better place. I believe the best way to do that is to first work on ourselves. I hold to the belief that there is a ripple effect felt by everyone around us if we can first improve the space within. That’s why I’m here.


Follow Anthony on:
Instagram: @anthonypietromonaco

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