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Interview with Katie Slanina

Updated: May 3, 2023

In an effort to celebrate and express gratitude for the people in our collective, we have a new shout-out for you.

Our community shoutout is another way for us to share with the greater community the type of people that come to CIELOS and the impact CIELOS is having on the world. We believe it is important to be seen, feel seen and be heard. This is how it all started.

This month we are proud to shoutout Katie Slanina!

Meet a true veteran in more ways than one - the Gold Dust Womxn behind the successful holistic skin spa, Skintuition, in Woodland Hills, CA. With nearly two decades of experience in the industry, she has developed a holistic skincare line that merges the best of nature and science to rejuvenate the skin from within. Her mission is not just to promote anti-aging, but also to combat skin ailments and diseases at a cellular level. Her dedication to natural living extends beyond skincare, family and building community are just as important, and she strives to blend all aspects of her life to help people shine in their brightest skin.


We asked Katie some questions to get a better understanding of her mission, inspiration and connection to CIELOS. Check out the interview below:

What do you give most of your time to? I’m a huge proponent for living naturally and I’m proud to say that I’ve worked really hard to fight the matrix and cultivate a fulfilling balance in my life between career, passion, and personal life.

For the past 19 years I’ve been fortunate to own and continue to grow one of the best holistic skin spas in Los Angeles, Skintuition located in Woodland Hills, CA. It’s been a beautiful journey to bond with my clients over something I am truly passionate about, and to learn and grow through serving others.

When I’m not pampering my lovely clients, I love exploring and glamping with my family, learning more about Mother Gaia, planting my feet in the earth and soaking up the sun.

Tell us about your passion and what you’re currently working on?

For the last couple of years I’ve been developing a holistic skincare line that blends nature and science to feed the skin using earth’s best herbs and nutrients to not only slow down the aging process, but repair skin ailments and disease at the cellular level, promoting healing from the inside out.

How did you hear about CIELOS and your experience?

The first time I drove up to Cielos was with my beautiful brothers and sisters from the Imago Community. Those nights under the stars ere pure magic. I was then invited by Marlena to attend Gold Dust; an all-womxn’s event and I couldn’t believe my eyes because it was something I had dreamed about years prior. There was such beauty in the way the structures met the land, and the way everyone just came together to make it a home. That’s where I found my community.

What was something unexpected that you left with?

I found my very best friends later in life through this community, which was very unexpected. Being surrounded by women that empower each other and build each other up and share their gifts has helped open me up to finding my own magic. The women of Gold Dust taught me how to give and receive love, and for that I am forever grateful. I’ve never been more seen and heard than I am today.

Why do you think re:grouping is essential to community growth?

I believe that re:grouping is important for community growth in the sharing of our life experiences, and learning about each other and our skills and crafts. The acts of sharing space and resources, sharing energy and manifesting magic, supporting each other and each other’s businesses has been a beautiful and cathartic exchange that does help to heal. We must remember that we all rise together.

What personal message or words of wisdom do you want to share? The words of wisdom that I’ve lived by for so many years is to embrace the skin you’re in. We only have one body and one life. Self-care is one of the most important things you can do to fill your heart with love and joy. You have to go within or you will go without.

Thank you so much for this beautiful opportunity. I look forward to sharing space with you whether it’s on this land or in my sanctuary. Much love to you all.


Follow Katie on:
Instagram: @skintuition_katie

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